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Ekabo! Bienvenidos! Welcome!

My name is Dr. Janet Awokoya! I am an entrepreneur, scholar-activist, and published author with years of complex and diversified experience. Born in Nigeria, educated in the United States of America, I am a global citizen who believes that everyone has a unique gift and purpose that may positively impact their global and local communities. Raised in many American racial and ethnic communities, and having traveled much abroad, I incorporate these influences into my work.

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My Story

My research and professional interests focus on the hardships and triumphs experienced by the African Diaspora. Throughout the years, I have made it my personal goal to investigate the social consequences of African people's dispersal to other parts of the world. Specifically, my research investigates the ramifications of diverse Black populations living in various nations, with an emphasis on the children of immigrants, commonly known as the 1.5 and second-generation.


I have studied, lived and worked throughout West Africa, Latin America, Europe, and North America, among other places. I think teach, and write about my own and others' experiences as members of marginalized groups, immigrants, and refugees. I've worked for the United Negro College Fund, FHI 360, USAID contractors, school systems, universities, non-profits, and community groups. My love for our interconnected communities drives me to advocate for all students' educational rights, as well as to travel and teach both locally and worldwide. I am also a fitness coach and the co-creator of Zukossa Fitness, a dance fitness program inspired by African and Caribbean dance traditions and rhythms. I believe that health, creativity, and invention are multidisciplinary skills that drive individuals to take control of their lives.

My current research and writing on immigrant youth aim to assist families, educators, and administrators in better understanding identity dynamics, creating culturally responsive and inclusive learning environments for all students and developing a more holistic teaching pedagogy that can be applied to people of all backgrounds. My ultimate goal is to assist clients in making the connection between courageous conversations and strategic action, which may involve curriculum advancements, student activism, and policy engagements.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.