Zukossa Fitness Class Policies

Class Passes 

  1. Please arrive early for class. It makes it easier for all of us--participants and instructors!

  2. There are no refunds under any circumstances and classes are non-transferable.

Arriving for Class

  1. Come with a positive attitude and intend on creating a great time! We’re here to dance and relieve stress, hunty! *Note: Please let your instructor know of any condition that may prevent your full participation. 

  2. Please turn off your cell phone or other electronic devices during class. If you must answer the phone, please accept your phone call outside of the class to not disturb the instructor and other clients. Mute lines during class instruction.

Additional Considerations

  1. Late arrival is okay, however, entrance is granted upon completion of the current song.

  2. Messages sent to Zukossa Fitness Instagram, FB, and other social media during class times will receive responses after class. 

  3. Inclement Weather -- We’re online baby!

  4. Bringing Kids to Class -- We love dancing with your little ones! However, please be mindful that Zukossa Heat is an adult dance class. Children are allowed to participate in the class with a parent or guardian. 

  5. Substitutes -- Zukossa Fitness reserves the right to provide substitute teachers for classes, when necessary.

  6. Makeup classes will be offered for unexpected class cancellations, at a time that is convenient for the instructors.


Disclaimer: Registering participants is a manual process for the Zukossa Fitness Team. Registration cut-off will be 24 hours before class time for sessions and drop-ins.

Registration after the Zukossa Heat session deadline will incur an additional $10 fee; Drop-ins will incur an additional $2 fee. Please send payment through Paypal: Zukossafitnessteam@gmail.com 

*Updated April 2021

Zukossa Heat FAQs

What is Zukossa Heat?

Zukossa Heat is an aerobic dance workout that embraces West African, Caribbean, and Latin rhythms. It includes both fast, medium, and slow rhythms to help tone and sculpt your body. The class provides modifiable dance moves for people with different abilities. In our classes, we incorporate various music genres and teach different styles of movements and routines that can easily be transferred onto the dance floor. Bring your fire, let’s sweat!


Q: Do I need previous dance experience?


A: No, you do not need any previous dance experience. The basic dance steps are taught to you in the class. If you do have previous dance experience, Zukossa Heat will help you add new moves to your dance repertoire. 


Q: What kind of intensity should I expect?


A: Zukossa Heat is a Low/Med/High impact aerobic dance class. The routines feature aerobic interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Burn 400-1000 calories in one hour! 


Q: What should I wear?


A: Wear comfortable clothing. Basically "work out gear." Comfortable and supportive dance sneakers are very helpful. The best ones for Zukossa Heat are ones that absorb shock.


Q: What should I bring?


A: Water! That is a major priority. Always keep yourself hydrated before, during and after class. A towel! Bringing a towel helps with removing excess sweat….especially if you sweat like Dr. J!

Bring some friends! Get friends to come with you to Zukossa Heat classes! The invitation will give you that extra boost to stay motivated, hold yourself accountable, and meet your health goals.


Q: I can't get the steps! What should I do?


A: Calm down, listen to the music, watch the dance steps, and practice, practice, practice! Sometimes an hour of class time just isn't enough to get all of the footwork. After repeating the movements, you will be a pro in no time. 


Download additional videos at http://www.zukossafitnesstv.pivotshare.com


Q: Do I need a partner?


A: Not at all. Everyone is learning the steps individually. This class has an aerobics class feel.